The Secret Life of Pets- Movie Review



What is it about?                                                                                                                     Max (voiced by Louis C.K.) is a terrier living a comfortable life with his owner, Katie, who he’s extremely attached to. Katie brings home a larger, messier dog named Duke (voiced by Eric Stonestreet, who you may know as Cam from Modern Family), who Max feels will take his place. He refuses to share anything with Duke, and both dislike each other. In trying to get rid of each other, they come across a series of mishaps and encounter the seemingly cute, but actually ferocious, Snowball (fantastically voiced by Kevin Hart), who leads a group of animals thrown away by their owners for revenge against humanity. Max’s friends, joined by a hawk named Tiberius, set out to find him.

How is it? 4/5                                                                                                                             The Secret Life of Pets is a terrific and uber-funny movie, with a great voice cast and extremely well-animated visuals. TSLoP (what I’m going to refer to the title to from now on) will keep a smile on your face from start to end, and will definitely entertain you for an hour and a half.

How is the animation, humor, and voice acting? 4.5/5                                        TSLoP is beautifully animated and is very nice to look at. For example, the movie opens with a sweeping shot of (animated) New York City that looks great. It’s super funny and some characters that I personally thought were hilarious were Gidget (voiced by Jenny Slate) , Max’s friend who is secretly in love with him, and Kevin Hart’s Snowball, who generates tons of laughs. The voice acting is also fantastic, and enhanced the humor, especially Kevin Hart, who did a marvelous job.

Overall, The Secret Life of Pets is a hilarious, entertaining movie with awesome animation.


3 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Pets- Movie Review”

  1. I was on the fence about watching this movie but will I think I’ll watch it now. Thanks for the review! Keep ’em coming!:)

  2. Thanks for review. This was a lot of fun. The bunny (Kevin Hart) was by far my favorite character. I thought all the other animals were good too, but the bunny made me laugh the most.

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