Ghostbusters (2016)- Movie Review



What is it about?                                                                                                                     Dr, Erin Gilbert (played by Kristen Wiig), a professor at Columbia University, previously wrote a book trying to prove the existence of ghosts with her former friend Dr, Abby Yates (portrayed by Melissa McCarthy), but soon abandoned the idea to become a professor. However, reports of ghosts popped up all over New York, and Erin has to reunite with Abby, and Abby’s new friend and oddball engineer, Dr. Jillian Holtzmann (terrifically played by Kate McKinnon), to catch the ghosts. With the help of Patty Jenkins (played by Leslie Jones), who knows New York inside out, the Ghostbusters set out to stop an enormous number of ghosts from taking over New York.

How is it? 8.5/10                                                                                                                     Ghosbusters is a fantastic movie with tons of great jokes, eye-popping special effects, and great action. Ghostbusters is super fun from start to finish, and has great performances from all its stars. Its minor jump-scares work as well, and even they are balanced perfectly by the wonderful humor and chemistry between the Ghostbusters. Another huge plus to the movie is Chris Hemsworth, who plays the empty-headed, but attractive receptionist Kevin. Hemsworth  terrifically plays Kevin, who generates tons of laughs throughout the movie.

How is the action, humor, and special effects? 8.5/10                                         Ghostbusters has amazing special effects throughout the movie which culminate in the final battle in Times Square. That particular sequence is packed with great special effects in the form of the CGI ghosts. The scene also contains exciting action between the Ghostbusters and the ghosts they’re trying to catch. The movie has excellent humor backed by its cast’s chemistry and great performances. Kate McKinnon is probably the funniest out of the new Ghostbusters and has lots of jokes with her oddball personality which has you laughing throughout the movie. Chris Hemsworth, as I mentioned before is also terrifically funny, producing tons of laughs with his dim-witted character.

Overall, Ghostbusters is a great movie boasting lots of laughs, awesome special effects, fantastic performances, and exciting action.


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  1. Have you seen the original? How does it compare to that one? Now you say that its good, we will try to watch it before it leaves the theaters.

    1. I have just recently seen the original, and in my perspective, I found this one a lot funnier and the special effects were a lot better.

  2. After watching the film “Spy”, Melissa McCarthy has grown on me. Haven’t seen the original Ghostbusters but I look forward to watching this film.

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