Movie Review- The Jungle Book (2016)

What is it about?                                                                                                                     Adapted from the classic Rudyard Kipling tale, The Jungle Book is about a boy named Mowgli that grew up in the jungle and was raised by wolves. However, the jungle is no longer safe for Mowgli, as a vicious tiger named Shere Khan is out to get him and will stop at nothing. So Mowgli tries to leave the jungle, and is guided by a cautious panther named Bagheera and a carefree bear named Baloo. Along the way, he encounters more threats, such as a deadly snake named Kaa and a gigantopithecus named King Louie.

How is it? 9/10                                                                                                                             Overall, The Jungle Book is really good, especially because of its use of 3D. Its special effects are mind-blowing, and all of the details of the jungle are done to perfection. Besides that, The Jungle Book is interesting to watch, and is a very fun movie.

How are the special effects? 10/10                                                                                  The special effects in The Jungle Book are flat-out amazing, and the movie must be seen in 3D. The visual effects in this movie pop out and is a great experience. But even without the 3D effect, the visuals in The Jungle Book are awesome, and every single animal featured is beautifully animated with CGI. The spectacular effects really make you feel like you are in the movie.

In conclusion, The Jungle Book is a wonderful movie that must be seen on the big screen.




Movie Review- Zootopia

What is it about?                                                                                                                     In the animal city of Zootopia located in a world where humans don’t exist, life is ideal. Predators and prey have learned to overcome their differences and live together peacefully. The first rabbit police officer, Judy Hopps, takes on a missing persons case, but must team up with the sly fox con artist Nick Wilde. Zootopia is an amazing, funny movie definitely worth watching.

How is it? 5/5                                                                                                                             Zootopia is a great movie that is entertaining and light-hearted. It’s really fun to watch and will make you laugh. Its voice cast is amazing and fits all the characters extremely well.

How is the humor? 4/5                                                                                                         Zootopia has a number of times where you will laugh out loud and will keep you smiling until the end. Many of the funny parts are due to plays on words. For instance, instead of CNN, Zootopia changes it to ZNN. Its characters are also likable and funny.

In conclusion, Zootopia is a wonderful movie that is fun and entertaining to watch.