Star Trek Beyond- Movie Review



What is it about?                                                                                                                     Star Trek Beyond follows the adventures of the USS Enterprise, led by Captain James Kirk (played by Chris Pine). The rest of the crew, including logic-driven Vulcan, Spock, the sarcastic medic Leonard McCoy (perfectly played by Karl Urban), and more are all present in the movie. Kirk is beginning to doubt his space voyages, as he approaches his birthday and grows a year older than his father lived. However, the crew is attacked by the mysterious villain Krall (played excellently by Idris Elba), and get separated. While trying to come back together, they come across the alien Jaylah (played by Sofia Boutella), who was stranded on the planet the crew crashes on.  With Jaylah’s help, the crew must band together to defeat Krall. Star Trek Beyond requires basic knowledge of Star Trek characters, and knowledge of the events of Star Trek from 2009, so read this link to fill you in on it.

How is it? 8.75/10                                                                                                                  Star Trek Beyond is a terrific movie, full of fun action, entertaining humor, and a great cast. The  fact that the characters are all separated, but paired together, brings out their great performances and awesome chemistry. This also adds to the humor. For example, logic-driven Spock and sarcastic McCoy generate lots of humor together. The movie is also very fast-paced and never feels slow, benefitting from a great story with awesome set-pieces.

How is the action and special effects? 8.5/10                                                          The action in Star Trek Beyond is boosted by amazing special effects and really cool visuals. One particular sequence, in which the Enterprise is attacked by torpedoes, showcases these awesome special effects. The action is very exciting, and never disappoints, even when there are no large-scale special effects behind it. For example, one sequence, where Jaylah fights one of Krall’s henchmen is really, really awesome, even when it doesn’t involve huge space battles.

In conclusion, Star Trek Beyond is an amazing movie that benefits from its awesome action, great special effects, wonderful humor, and great cast chemistry.